Monday, June 18, 2012


June 16th - Crossover Sunway... a day of pure ecstasy for PUMA fanatics, when we launched not one but two powerhouse PUMA collaboration works. To kick things off was the unveiling of the highly anticipated release of the mythologically inspired sneakers - PUMA Bunyip x Sneaker Freaker. This reworked version of the classic Puma Dallas received encouraging responds from the crowd and raised the question of "WTF is Bunyip?" Need an explanation..? Perhaps this one will help..
..."The Bunyip legend is deeply embedded within the Australian psyche. Clouded in mystery, this "Evil Spirit" lurks in muddy swamps and billabongs, creeping out under cover of darkness.." - courtesy of
With such mystery surrounding the legend, it was only befitting for us to asked our guests to give us their best impression of the Bunyip in our My Bunyip Impression-Face Mask contest and boy, weren't they creative. Check out their pix on our Facebook page & let us know what you think. One of those guests will be the a proud owner of a pair of Puma Bunyip sneakers if their pix are chosen as the best & freakiest of all.
For guests who weren't so much into the whole myth & mystery creature, they weren't not left out. As mentioned earlier, we launched two Puma awesome collaborations. And it was none other than the Puma x Undefeated Clyde. Giant shoes anyone? They sure caught the spotlights and were a crowd favorite. Guests were also seen getting creative at our Design Your Own Puma corner.
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