Wednesday, August 15, 2012

REBEL8 x Rancid "Journey To The End"

For several generations, Rancid has operated in the consciousness of the punk scene for all the right reasons. Plying their trade since 1991, the band’s influence and importance in pushing the envelope and forever highlighting the culture of punk have never been in question. San Francisco’s REBEL8 and its ability to work with the band has become one of the brand’s most important projects, linking its past with the present. The collection features some T-shirts and headwear which many will agree fit the aesthetics of both parties. REBEL8 x Rancid collection now available at Crossover.

 REBEL8 x Rancid
-Listed MIA tee (white/black)
-Old Friend tee (white/black)
 REBEL8 x Rancid
Dope Sick Girl tee (black/white)
 REBEL8 x Rancid
-Old Friend tank (red)
-Listed MIA tank (white/black/red)
 REBEL8 x Rancid
Dope Sick Girl tank (black/white)
Higher learning jacket (Grey denim)
REBEL8 x Rancid
RR Punks black snapback

Now available @ CROSSOVER'

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