Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 Erik Brunetti’s sub-lineFUCT SSDD has seen a slew of consistent releases flaunting classic yet rebellious silhouettes in streetwear. Titled “ARMAGIDEON TIME,” FUCT SSDD’s 2013 spring/summer collection displays its rooted aesthetics in American subculture via the paisley shirt, flannel and all-over print shirt, while the coach jacket and jersey rendition nods sternly at timeless sportswear designs, accompanied by the chambray, vendor shirt and symmetrical stripe tee for odes of classic Americana. Shot by Rick Rodney over a swathe of customary hangouts, the lookbook reflects the diffusion line’s modern interpretation of casual wear from yesteryear.

 FUCT SSDD Landing Jacket / Border L/S Tee
  FUCT SSDD Pine Flannel Shirt
  FUCT SSDD Denim Shirt / Mfg.Co Shirt
  FUCT SSDD Jail Guitar Work Shirt
  FUCT SSDD Armagideon Time / O.G Logo Cap

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