Friday, May 10, 2013


Hypebeast x PUMA “The Dim Sum Project” Blaze of Glory OG & LTWT 
Hong Kong’s rich and vibrant landscape has forever held the cultural pillar of food close to its heart. With the ebb and flow of a fast-paced, bustling city, eating out and eating well are what’s important to its inhabitants. In Hypebeast‘s latest collaborative project with PUMA, we look towards these inherently important facets of Hong Kong culture; food and namely dim sum act as a design inspiration. Together this forms the basis for “The Dim Sum Project” Blaze of Glory pack which includes both the original “OG” and lightweight “LTWT” Blaze of Glory. For anybody familiar with dim sum, har gao (shrimp dumplings) and siu mai (pork dumplings) are mainstays of any outing and are integrated into the aesthetics of the white “Har Gao” Blaze of Glory LTWT and the yellow “Siu Mai” Blaze of Glory OG.

The “Har Gao” version features a subtle shrimp camo beneath a thin translucent layer, mimicking the wrapper skin of a Har Gao. Furthermore, the “Siu Mai” is a more simple affair with high quality suede and leather clad in a tonal yellow that also represents the wrapper of a Siu Mai.

The Hypebeast x PUMA “The Dim Sum Project” Blaze of Glory OG & LTWT pack will release on Friday, May 10 at CROSSOVER Flagship & Sunway Store. Each pair comes with a custom dustbag and specially created pair of commemorative chopsticks.

Available today at Flagship Store & Crossover Sunway

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