Friday, January 3, 2014

MAX PITTION - Born In French

Max Pittion brand was born in the 20′s, in Oyonnax, a small town located in the southern Jura (French Alps). Emile Pittion, Max’s father started to manufacture combs in the 1920’s and by the 1940’s he was doing limited manufacturing of celluloid eyeglasses in the family factory, Pittion Lunetterie.
Over the years, Max expanded the business and sold his eyeglasses under the license negotiated with high fashion brands such as Lanvin and Azzaro. From the 1950’s exportation to the US grew but by the end of the 1970’s Japanese eyewear manufacturing became more aggressive and most customers left the manufacturing of Oyonnax. In 1981, Max resigns and retires. 
In 2013, a team of sunglasses lovers decide to re-create, design and to re-produce new Max Pitton sunglasses always crafted with the same high degree of excellence. All styles are being in Black, Dark Tortoise, Black Fade and Purple fade with 10K Gold rivets. Max Pittion is now available at CROSSOVER Sunway store.
Max Pittion
Newell in Black fade with 10k Gold rivets
Max Pittion
Shelby in Black with 10k Gold rivets
Max Pittion
Politician in Dark Tortoise with 10k Gold rivets

Exclusively available at CROSSOVER Sunway store

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