Friday, October 26, 2012


"Native Sons"
Tommy O’Gara, aligns with NEIGHBORHOOD founder Shinsuke Takizawa to launch Native Sons – a well-balanced eyewear manufacturer that takes cues from iconic designs reworking them with modern materials and handcrafted production methods. Although in its inaugural season, the Japan-based label offers a look into its comprehensive 2012 fall/winter collection all of which was handmade in Fukui, Japan. Unlike most eyewear brands, Native Sons, under the direction of O’Gara’s theLIGHT Co. own and operate their own manufacturing. The result is an unwavering creative vision. All acetates are based on plant-based cellulose with long-diamond-tooled core wires, an arrow-shaped hinge design, and a star-nut configuration from days gone by to adjust and hold hinge tension, making it harder to loosen. Additionally, the metal frames within this range feature high-grade titanium and antique plating. Native Sons will begin retailing its product line on October at select stockists including CROSSOVER.


Now exclusively available @ CROSSOVER Sunway

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