Sunday, October 14, 2012


A model so special that can smugly rest assured that it is unique to SUPER. This Autumn, this particular model comes mounted on our reliable signature black Flat Top and People silhouette, but there is nothing about the HIEROGLYPHICS FRANCIS that you have seen before. The metal arms, treated to give it an aged feel, have been meticulously engraved with precision, featuring hieroglyphic-inspired graphics. 
People Francis Hieroglyphic
Flat Top Francis Hieroglyphic

The Visiva AW 2012/2013 collection is characterized by a series of prints under the name Humanism. So-called because every print offers a different inspiration to humanity and to what humanity contributed to the world as we know it. 
SUPER - Basic Equus
The wild puma acetate of the EQUUS may resemble the traditional camouflage print but the truth is that the last thing these babies do is blend into the background. The black, white and silver colored Basic frames make a loud impact set against the simple black Zeiss lenses, while the interior is mounted with a delicate print of a horse in the same family of colors.
SUPER - Flat Top Felidae
At SUPER while never stop experimenting with design innovation, they always stay connected with our roots and make sure not to leave anyone behind. If bold prints aren't your thing, Super present the FELIDAE. A simple, clean and reliable black flat top set with black quality Zeiss lenses. The interior is mounted with a stunning print of a lion, prowling and self-assured like the Felidae.
SUPER - Basic Anatomy
The Anatomy perfectly sums up where SUPER is this season. The exterior representing the simplicity of solid design with a retro vibe, while the interior is mounted with a high-resolution print. The beloved Basic shape in a deliciously retro 70's Havana is set with a dark brown Carl Zeiss lens, with the inside revealing a very particular image from an old anatomy book. 
SUPER - Basic Baita
The following models are both characterized by the use of matte crystal acetate and matching matte prints inside. Resulting in a frosty effect perfectly in theme with its images. The Baita decorated by a beautiful vintage image from the European slopes.
SUPER - Flat Top Foresta
While the Foresta Flat Top boasts a fresh colorways, black matte with green lenses, decorated with a winter tree-top scene printed inside.
SUPER - Flat Top Ndebele
The Ndebele models come in slick black acetate, with a contrasting dark brown Zeiss lens, featuring a fun African print on the arms. The front of the shades are simple and clean while the side profile present the light-hearted contrast of the African print.
SUPER - People Tapestry C
The Tapestry series are perfect for those SUPER fanatics who like their shades to stand out from a distance. Dipped in murky Seventies acetate, these models are embellished with mosaic, Persian-inspired prints. Eclectic, loud and brave, a definite statement piece. 
Basic Sottobosco Blue
People Matte black & Crystal 
America Francis Black

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